Bellissimo's Italian Eatery

Bellissimo's Italian Eatery in Largo, FL is Screwie Louie's tribute to his mother, a wonderful beautiful spirited lady of 92, who has allowed her authentic old world recipes to be shared with us still, Look for her and you will know it's the real deal Authentic Italian Restaurant in Pinellas Co.

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Bellissimos Market & Cicchetti Bar

A Latin Italian Fusion Cicchetti Bar & Market  - Tapas Style Cafe Bringing the best of Bellissimo's Authentic Italian and Tia's Authentic Latin Cuisine under one roof ! Lunch, Take Out, Cook at Home, Corporate Functions, Parties, Catering or just for cocktails with friends - you will want to check out this new Cicchetti Bar in Largo.

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Scooter Haven Country Club

One of the most unique places in Florida, started as a camping spot for bikers to stop on their way thru Florida back in 1943, it is still a great spot to stop for a night or a month & get back to nature & fun! Mainly for Adults, bring children at your own risk of free tata shows.

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What to do???

Pick one and just drop by today, or when your in town - passing thru - or in the mood.  You won't be disappointed !